5 Tips to Keep Your Audience On Their Feet

November 14, 2017

1. Music: For a live concert, it is important in the very first place to ensure that your music rules the party. Starting from programming the event to installing a good production setup, ensuring the best platter of music is being served as per the audience's choice, the promoter must make it a point that music is the biggest priority in the event. Nowadays there are lots of festivals where music is being packaged to sell alcohol or some other youth product, but unless your music is kickass, your concert will never be successful in the true sense! As a festival promoter, music gets 95% attention from me when I programme anything- I don't let anything else take away the attention of the fans. 


2. Vibes: Today's live concert is not a mere soiree anymore. It has to be an experience for the audience. For concerts with expensive tickets, it is an unwritten rule that the experiential journey has to be an out of the world one, so that it brings the people back again in its next edition. Whether its a gimmick right at the entry, or the mammoth stage production, the pyroworks that keep fans gaping in awe, or the visuals on the LED backdrop, the perfect concoction of everything will help you create the vibes and ambience of the great concert.


3. F&B: For a standing concert, having the right price and service quality of food and drinks is very essential. As a promoter, we should keep the price of food and alcohol slightly on the higher side to ensure the quality of service, quantity of consumption and also to keep a check on the total consumption plus revenue generation. Having dirt cheap food and drinks will never make your audience happy, because at the end of the day, you are compromising with service quality the moment you sell things cheap inside a concert venue. 


4. Performers: In India, headliners will always draw 80% of the crowd. The remaining 20% will usually comprise of freeloaders plus local musicians plus fans of local acts. Choose your onstage performers well- they can make or break a gig!


5. Audience- yes, the audience themselves will ensure how good they are as an audience. Fans who pay to buy tickets to the gig should be given the VIP treatment instead of those standing at the VIP enclosure with a free pass that they usually get using their networking quotas. 





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