Change is the only constant!

March 19, 2017

Change is the only constant.


But changes for good don't come too soon.


Maybe that is the only reason we took so much time to get our website updated. No, there is no reason to lie. We were too lazy post work hours to get a new website designed. We had set up deadlines to do the same, but it also meant spending hours with the website guy and briefing him about what we wanted, how we wanted, and all that jazz, pop, rock and death metal too!


And, as an event manager does not bother to care about any other deadlines apart from those set up by one's clients, we failed miserably in things which were our own. Like the office picnic that could never happen, like the missed dates in each of our lives (and the excuses about a last moment meeting and a subsequent status quo with the beau, if not worse), and the list goes on.


So, one fine day, when we get a message like this in the office WhatsApp group "Check the following link, our demo website is almost ready."- that too from the boss, we start discussing who was assigned with the website updation job, and who is getting the punishment or worse this month. We stay mum, and just go through the demo website, suggest a few changes almost in whispers, and the next day it's up!


We apparently took 8 years to oversee what takes 3 days to make with the help of a portal like! And, we must say only one thing to save ourselves from the embarrassment- life is so very busy with things to be taken care of others that we really tend to overlook our own stuff.


But, you can spend a moment or two to go through the brand new website, and advise us on whether it's okay or not. We don't mind changing stuff upon your suggestions. After all, change is the only constant!


Please feel free to share among your friends and foes- that helps us reach out to more people and maybe bag a few new deals too. 



P.S. This website is created by the boss, so please don't criticise too much. We don't want to go back to our old website again. 


Much love!



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