A-Team. #1.

Kinjal Bhattacharya

Kinjal Bhattacharya

Founder, MD & Group CEO- E365 India Pvt. Ltd., BandEdge Talent Agency Pvt. Ltd., Ovonts Technologies Pvt. Ltd, AgencyWaale, Bandhan Crafting Memories, BandEdge Music, THE Festival

I.T. Engineer turned entrepreneur, Kinjal is an ex musician who plunged into business with a vision to change Kolkata's music industry single handedly. He founded E365 while he was in 2nd year of college, and in due course gave up an engineer's job with Accenture in Bengaluru to pursue his passion. A South Pointer and a musicians' buddy all his life, he is just 35 and already winner of several coveted awards under his leadership. He heads E365 group of companies as the MD and CEO, and is always seen inspiring the youth to continue their struggle in music or events. Kinjal envisions to create a giant and transparent ecosystem for creators, stars, agencies, fans and brands.

Kausturi Bhattacharya

Kausturi Bhattacharya

Co Founder & Chief Celebrations Planner- Bandhan Crafting Memories; Director- E365 India Pvt. Ltd.; Account Director- AgencyWaale, Ovonts Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Kausturi was working as a college teacher after completing her Masters in English from Calcutta University when her elder brother Kinjal coerced her to join his business and head the Kolkata branch. Another South Pointer who is always into creativity and designs, she is the strict lady boss of the team, and is the one who holds the crazy young team together with her sisterly love and care. She heads corporate events and Bandhan, our social events division, and is always educating the team about values, integrity and discipline.

Anirban Adhikary

Anirban Adhikary

Director- BandEdge Talent Agency Pvt. Ltd., E365 India Pvt. Ltd.; Account Director- AgencyWaale, Ovonts Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Anirban is a cousin who was poached by Kinjal from his ambition of becoming a research scholar after completing his schooling from South Point and Masters in Microbiology from C.U. A wrestling fan, he was forced to learn about the music business, and now heads sales. Anirban is an aggressive seller, a go getter, the leader in the team and has played an active role in helping the business grow in newer directions.

Jesse Julka

Jesse Julka

Director- BandEdge Talent Agency Pvt. Ltd.; Account Director- E365 India Pvt. Ltd., Ovonts Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Agencywaale, BandEdge Music

If you have been part of Mumbai's entertainment industry and you don't know 'the' Jesse Julka, then you are not in the right place. With an experience of almost 2 decades in radio programming, festival curation, digital distribution, talent management, corporate business, et al, Jesse brings a huge impetus to E365 and BandEdge's Mumbai operations. An avid music lover and a DIY guy, Jesse is in charge of scaling up the 14 year old agency to newer heights.


Manish Sau

Founder- Ovonts Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Manish is a computer engineer from Kolkata who quit his job with IBM in Chennai to launch his own startup business of venue programming called Ovonts. He came across Kinjal and soon they together embarked on a long journey to relaunch Ovonts as India's first comprehensive business management and problem solving app for the creative industry.


Arka Pal

Co Founder & Creative Director- AgencyWaale

Arka comes with a decade of experience in award winning advertising campaigns. Having worked with E365 at the start of his career, he moved to the capital city to do his Masters in Advertising, followed by stints with Discovery, BBDO, Havas . He relocated to Mumbai just before the pandemic to give birth to his dream project AgencyWaale.


Aanir Ghosh

Business Head- AgencyWaale

An automobile engineer and IIM alumnus, Aanir had spent 12 years of his life working in the brand management of automobile companies. His passion for entrepreneurship made him quit his corporate job and jump on the agency bandwagon. He heads our advertising and digital business.

Rohit Nandi.jpg

Rohit Nandi

Client Servicing Head- AgencyWaale

Rohit is a celebrated musician from Kolkata, having formed popular rock bands Insomnia, Crystal Grass and Zoo. He comes with extensive experience of 14 years in advertising and government communications.


Tanmoy Chakraborty

Production & Artist Touring Head- E365 India Pvt. Ltd., BandEdge Talent Agency Pvt. Ltd., AgencyWaale

Tanmoy was doing his M.B.A. in Marketing and interning with Radio Mirchi when he came across the E365 team in a few events and realised that he wanted to be on the other side of the client- vendor fence. A hard working and ever smiling guy (al beit with a permanent frown on his face), he is a favourite of artists, clients and vendors alike.


Abhijit Dey

Client Servicing Head- E365 India Pvt. Ltd., BandEdge Talent Agency Pvt. Ltd., Ovonts Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Starting off as a young entrepreneur himself, Abhijit gave up his very own 'Showbizz Entertainment' to stay forever in the world of showbiz and entertainment, but with E365. A very efficient team member, and proud recipient of a Renault Kwid as the Star Performer of the year 2018-19, he heads our client servicing team and is constantly seen pushing the barriers to learn A to Z of the artist trading business in details.


Shamim Ahmed

Business Partner: Dhaka- E365 India Pvt. Ltd.

Veteran manager and sound engineer of the legendary Late Ayub Bachchu of Bangladesh's greatest rock band LRB, Shamim brings to the table his vast experience and network in the industry. A very old associate of ours, he heads our BD business out of Dhaka.


Shaan Shahed

Business Partner: Chittagong- E365 India Pvt. Ltd.

Shaan is a passionate musician, frontman of the rock band Teerondaz, founder curator of Red Fest in Chittagong. He heads our BD business in the port city.

Aslam Shareef.jpg

Aslam Shareef

Artist & Repertoire Executive- BandEdge Talent Agency Pvt. Ltd., BandEdge Music



Darshit Parekh

Business Development Executive: Campuses & Festivals- E365 India Pvt. Ltd.


Ruman Roy Chowdhury

Ruman Roy Chowdhury

Business Development Executive: Campuses & Social Events- E365 India Pvt. Ltd., Bandhan Crafting Memories



Madhav Agarwal

Business Development Executive- BandEdge Talent Agency Pvt. Ltd.



Soham Sarkar

Production & Artist Touring Executive- E365 India Pvt. Ltd., BandEdge Talent Agency Pvt. Ltd.

Soham worked at a corporate for 5 months after finishing his B. Tech. and MBA, when he decided to follow his heart and join E365 to pursue his career closer to music. An avid guitarist, music producer and metalhead, he idolises Kinjal to become a successful event manager someday.


Argha Mukherjee

Production & Artist Touring Executive- E365 India Pvt. Ltd., BandEdge Talent Agency Pvt. Ltd.

A BBA graduate from Jamia Millia Islamia University, Argha is a music lover, a foodie, an avid biker and a travel enthusiast.


Rahul Ray

Client Servicing Executive- E365 India Pvt. Ltd., Ovonts Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 

Rahul was a theatre actor and also the bass player of the much revered band Riddim Funktion, before he entered the corporate rat race where he worked as a customer support associate in a BPO. A spiritual guy in real life and an enthusiastic cook in the kitchen, he made a comeback to the entertainment industry by joining us.


Riya Roy Chakraborty

Client Servicing Executive- E365 India Pvt. Ltd., Ovonts Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

A dancer by passion and a traveller by choice, Riya loves meeting new people and experiencing new cultures. She is not scared of trying out new things as all the mistakes help her grow as a better human being.


Ruhaan Alexander

Client Servicing Executive- E365 India Pvt. Ltd., Ovonts Technologies Pvt. Ltd.



Tasneem Roshan

Client Servicing Executive- AgencyWaale


Rajan Brahma

Rajan Brahma

Product Engineer- Ovonts Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Enthusiastic about treks, mountains, web designing and software development; a laptop with a beer- that's all Rajan needs to design and cook the Ovonts ecosystem- from backend databases and APIs to frontend client facing sites- a fullstack cuisine!


Bhaskar Maity

Junior Full Stack Developer- Ovonts Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

After earning his bachelor and masters degrees in Computer Application
from Burdwan University and Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology respectively, he entered Ovonts to explore his passion for web development, as a junior full stack developer. When he is not writing computer codes, he enjoys listening to music and reading story books.


Arpan Basu

Operations Executive- Ovonts Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


Riya Ghosh

Riya Ghosh

Data Operations Executive- Ovonts Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 



Budhaditya Roy

Content Writer- AgencyWaale, Ovonts Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Having lived in what may be termed a content jungle, Budhaditya is every bit of a Content Mowgli. As a child growing up in the colourful conundrum of the Indian culture, he was always fascinated by our nature of putting things in perspective. Right from the black and white bold alphabets of the daily tabloid to the coloured hues of an advertisement, they have always drawn his attention, and growing up, he understood the whole psychology towards this. That's when he knew he wanted to be able to draw one's attention to his words, to be the bold colour on a black and white newspaper! He enjoys talking in the language of our consumers.


Liina Halder

Graphic Designer- AgencyWaale, E365 India Pvt. Ltd., BandEdge Talent Agency Pvt. Ltd., Bandhan Crafting Memories

An artist from heart, a painter by art, a nomad by nature, a graphic designer by profession with 7 years industry exposure. For Liina, brush is the BFF,
Imagination is the path. The same is evident from her expertise in illustration, typography, photography and... of course, graphic design.


Tapas Biswas

3D Visualiser- AgencyWaale, E365 India Pvt. Ltd., Bandhan Crafting Memories



Debaroti Ghosh

Social Media Executive- E365 India Pvt. Ltd., BandEdge Talent Agency Pvt. Ltd., Bandhan Crafting Memories

Writer and photographer by passion, Debaroti garners knowledge and experiences from the people she meets. Moderately inquisitive, highly an adventure seeker, an avid writer, an ambidextrous person, Debaroti handles our social media.


Chetan Ghiria

Accounts & Taxation Manager- E365 India Pvt. Ltd., Ovonts Technologies Pvt. Ltd., BandEdge Talent Agency Pvt. Ltd.

Hailing from a family of chartered accountants, Chetan heads our taxation and accounting.



Accountant- E365 India Pvt. Ltd., Ovonts Technologies Pvt. Ltd., BandEdge Talent Agency Pvt. Ltd.



Subrata Ghosh

Logistics & Backstage Executive- E365 India Pvt. Ltd., BandEdge Talent Agency Pvt. Ltd., Bandhan Crafting Memories

Subrata was renamed Mr. Bean on the very first day he joined E365 as the 'chief chauffeur', thanks to his Rowan Atkinson like antics and funny bone. Today he is the oldest team member and Mr. Dependable who can now do everything from stage management, artist touring, inventory management, backstage management, et al. The only problem where he gets stuck is if the car breaks down in the middle of the road- he has no clue what to do about it even now!

Debaprasad Shikari

Debaprasad Shikari

Office Executive- E365 India Pvt. Ltd., BandEdge Talent Agency Pvt. Ltd., AgencyWaale

Debaprasad is our ever smiling Superman who dabbles as a cook in the office pantry, makes sure every courier reaches its destination on time, takes care of the entire team's whimses and demands, keeps the office desks squeaky clean and takes care of client hospitality too. Without him, nobody knows what would happen to our Kolkata office.


Bishnu Rao

Office Executive- Ovonts Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Bandhan Crafting Memories

Introducing our other Superman in the Kolkata office, Bishnu is a second generation employee with E365, and is responsible for office F&B, hospitality and housekeeping.

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